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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


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June 15, 2011



Powerful words here Glynn.

I always feel when walking into BCE Place in downtown Toronto, that while the architecture is visually stunning - it is a cathedral built to exalt the god of money.

Megan Willome

Thanks for this post, Glynn. I'm a sucker for poetry with Biblical images (not necessarily Christian poetry), so this information is a gift.

Lynn Mosher

Powerful words indeed! I shall have to look for Mr. Hoover. Thank you, Glynn!


i think perhaps even more than treating other things as gods, that we see our self as our own.

Jeanne Damoff

I love this concept. Very powerful and provocative! Thanks for sharing, Glynn.


Ultimately, the gods we create, the gods that make the one God so jealous, are ourselves.
... sigh... forgive me again Lord.
Amazing how God has spoken through Mr. Hoover in such a unique/old way of writing. Thanking God for the gift of teaching he has given both of you.

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