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August 26, 2011



Actually, I use those fancy colored pens for writing--jotting out notes for a poem, drafting an essay, or making my grocery and to-do lists. Just about any kind of writing. :)


Well, I am of the artistically challenged persuasion, but what I like to do is look at what artists do. (My definition of art: If I can do it, it's not art.)

Michelle Pendergrass

Are these the pens??? These pens were the first set I bought for myself when I started Visual Prayer. I've moved to using so many other things now, but I still carry a small set in my purse with a little prayer journal!

Thomas Turner

@Michelle Yes!!! Those are the pens. I didn't think my description was that great...
I love the pens so much I've been kind of scared to use them much more, lest the ink is spent in them and I can't find a new set.

That's so cool how we use them for the same purpose.

Michelle Pendergrass

You can leave those pens uncapped for days on end and they won't dry up, it's part of the selling point!!

So use them!! And when you need more, I know where to get them!!!

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