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August 04, 2011



In the midst of all this chaos we call recession, political gridlock, horrible crimes, nastiness and ugliness, there is this picture of God's beauty, of all the wonder He wants for us.

Beautiful, Jeanne.


Oh my goodness, Jeanne. Goosebumps. Beautiful words, beautiful pictures. The tension and longing is there, always. Thanks for expressing it so beautifully.


Such sweet, precious beauty Jeanne. What a picture of that glorious meeting. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment in time.

Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

So, so, very beautiful. I could tell from the photos you posted that it was a worship service. What a beautiful picture you have painted here, Jeanne. Thank you.



Nathan Miller

That's wonderful, Auntie. Thanks so much for writing this.

P.S. When we wrote the Healing Song, I found myself suddenly unsure of who was selling the field, us or Christ. We worded the song to work either way, but I usually sing it with the meaning that you ascribed, that Christ is the treasure and that we trade our lives for Him. Love you!

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks so much for these lovely comments, friends!

Nathan, I never thought about that parable from the opposite perspective before, but I love the idea of Christ selling all to purchase us, His bride! Greater love has no man than this. So amazing.

Either way, He meets us in this field, and we dance. What a wonder. xo


Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!

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