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August 11, 2011


Suzan Robertson

Love this post. I could go on and on and say more about why I love it and how much you've inspired me over the years, but I'll save that for a one-on-one chat.

You rock. You always have.

Linda Gilmore

Welcome back, Jennifer. It's good to see your words here again.

Mary DeMuth (@MaryDeMuth)

Lovely post, so honest and so you. Loving hearing your voice here.


No matter what name you use, I'll always be your fan and your friend! :)

Susan Kaye

Who am I is a daily question, Jen. I'm 50-mumble, mumble and still ask it. Fredquently. With frustration! Good to see you back writing.

Theodora Szuba

I am awe of what you have written. I was truly moved by your fictious beginning. I almost fell off my chair in disbelief, my eyes wide and mouth opened. I find that you have much to offer the community so much potential within. You girl can do all thru Jesus Christ whom gives you strength without a doubt..The Lord will led you where ever your minds journey in thought. The Holy Spirt will guide your fingers. Yes I will follow your writings .....

Theodora Szuba

Please excuse all my typing errors Jen for my fingers move faster then my thoughts. You are a wonder Jen, keepgoing...I am rooting for you at a distance.........

Jennifer Peacock

Thanks everyone for your comments. This is only the first part in what I hope will be at most a 4-part series, so I'll flesh out the areas of family, vocation, and faith in those future posts. After that, I'm going to Cheshire Cat myself--fade away with a smile.

Jeanne Damoff

Jen, thanks so much for this post! Like the others said, it's great to have you back again. I look forward to the remaining posts in this series, and please know we welcome you here in Wonderland any time. xo

Steve Peacock

What a well-crafted, honest, and -- yes indeed -- brave piece. I understand your justification for stepping back, and yet -- as your husband and confidante -- I must reiterate that just about everything you write (okay, I'm not talking about the business profiles you've written, though even those "articles" typically are finely crafted) rises to the level of 'excellent.' In the meantime, however, I intend to exploit your knowledge of the writing craft and your willingness to edit -- and subsequently improve -- MY writing endeavors. Also, in the meantime, I remain eager to see what is up next from... what's your name again?

Jennifer Peacock

Dear Steve:

I am Jennifer Peacock.

Should I have said, "Call me Jennifer Peacock."


"And we shall call her Jennifer Peacock."


"There was a writer, had a cow, and Jen P. was her name-o."

Yes, the "I am..." stuff was a bit repetitious, and maybe a tad blasphemous in a religious context. But you and Jeanne gave me a thumbs up, and I asked you to save me from myself if the piece truly stunk, so I blame you.

What's next up for me? Trying to write part two of this series. Ha!


Jennifer Peacock

Donna J. Shepherd

THERE'S that voice I know so well. Good to see that your sharp wit has not abated and you've remained a transparent soul. I look forward to reading the next installments. Welcome back, Jennifer.


Thank you for sharing this. As a late-comer to this whole world (I ventured online at about the time that f*i*f was closing shop), I look forward to getting to know you as Jennifer Peacock with no presuppositions as to this JQS person.

Jennifer Peacock

Thanks again everyone. I was really nervous about even posting this because it's been so long since I have written anything.

Just a few things:

* The whole list of *JQS's* accomplishments are kind of listed tongue-in-cheek. I'm surprised "she" got the attention she did from certain people without really trying, but "she" hardly did anything worth bragging about.

* I don't take blasphemy lightly (as per a previous comment I made). I liked the "I am" repetition, but I wasn't trying to evoke the smoke of Sinai or the flames of the unconsumed bush.

* I'm struggling to write Part II, so bear with me.

* I'll talk about this in a future post, but I am so blessed by the people who worked with me on the MA: Deborah Gyapong, Donna Shepherd, Jeanne Damoff, Mary DeMuth, Dancin' Suz, Susan Kaye, Mike Snyder, Dee Stewart, J. Mark Bertrand, B.J. Hamrick Martin, Andy Meisenheimer, Steve Peacock, Lisa Samson, Chip MacGregor, and Simon Maxwell and Melanie Clark Pullen (who both joined right before I left)...and if I forgot anybody I'm sorry! They are an amazing group of talented people God assembled on one blog, and I'm humbled because, as the former resident poseur, I totally don't deserve to have either name listed by any of theirs.

So, it might be a while--I have terminal writer's block and, yes, my girls' homeschooling year has started and we're learning Greek! ACK!--but I will stop by again soon. Thanks for letting me visit my old haunt.

Deborah Gyapong

Jen, your post brings back memories of the founding days of The Master's Artist. It's been so good to come back here this evening and see so many great posts from new people and founding members all providing insight, encouragement and refreshing writing.

And even though I knew of your pen-name early on, you were never a poseur to me. Your wit and originality crackled in your posts to the Writers' View.
It still does.

Looking forward to the rest of the series!

Deborah Gyapong

Michelle Pendergrass

Well Well. JQS. Such a familiar name and f*i*f brings back such happy memories! I'm sure we had many conversations, I remember having them, but I don't remember the content. How I pined to be asked to write for MA. To use my words for His Glory--here. Then I stopped writing so much and picked up a paint brush and then, to my utter surprise, was asked to write here. If I had a pen name I could shed that identity, but I'm still Michelle Pendergrass. Just the same, JQS is you and you are her and like clay, we've been molded into what He saw in us long ago.

Madison Richards

Late to the party, as usual...but suffice to say I can feel your pain, and am feeling it at the moment - acutely~!!

Thanks for your grittiness. I mean, authenticity :)


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