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August 10, 2011



Thank you Glynn for bringing Dickman and his book to my attention. I had a brother who died and while it was believed it was a double suicide (he and his wife died in the same crash) the police couldn't prove it. The only way to come to acceptance was to acknowledge whether 'he did' or didn't, Love was the only thing he could leave behind. And it all began with forgiveness.

I shall definitely be acquiring a copy of Flies.


Maureen E. Doallas

I haven't yet read my copy of Dickman's book, though I have skimmed it. He is a poet who came to achieve recognition and fame early on. You do well by him here.

Mama Zen

I was really struck by the brutal honesty of his words. Thank you for the introduction.

Thomas Turner

Great post! I just checked both of his books out of the library.

Jeanne Damoff

Thank you for sharing this, Glynn. I'm deeply moved.

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