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October 19, 2011



"partly because of how it could ease my sense of isolation: it was a line thrown from seemingly glorious Others to my drear-minded self"

I wrote poetry in my youth -- and I love how she explains why!

Thanks Glynn.

Maureen E. Doallas

I think your post about Karr illustrates why those who read poetry deeply believe that a poem can save you.

Jeanne Damoff

Love this, Glynn! You struck two very personal chords for me. One is that I am almost always compelled to read poetry aloud, especially if I love the poem when I read it through silently. Indeed, the "voice and cadence" that is familiar yet somehow other is often what makes a collection of words poetry for me, whether the poet expresses them as poem or prose. (Because I'm convinced being a true poet has more to do with how one sees than with arranging words after a prescribed pattern.)

The other chord you struck is the mention of the faint echo. Yes. Just yes.

Thank you once again for an excellent post.

S. Etole

The reading aloud ... thank you.

Thomas Turner

Every time I see something I might be interested in it seems to pop up on The Master's Artist! I had seen a Karr poem somewhere and it piqued my interest.

Glynn, you got me reading Michael Dickman. Now I'm going to have to read some Mary Karr!

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