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November 10, 2011


Melissa Rowe Smith

I don't think I have anything to share except to say, "Yes. And, amen!" to this post. Every believer in the social media world, if truly human, will wrestle with this to one degree or another. This resonates with me---the foremost sinner---to use a tool God means for making his name great, for making my name great. What a cheap deal. Thanks for illuminating this in such a way. I think I'll go chew on this "social munchie" piece for a bit, and let the realness of this story help me to evaluate my heart. Love you, Jeanne, and love your refreshing honesty that points me to Christ in you, and not to just you.


Thank you for this reminder. And oh, how often I need it! In a world that measures statistics and hits and influence as a standard of success, it's so easy to fall into the trap of making my social presence about my name and my name alone. I took a year off from public blogging for this very reason--I never had all that much traffic, but it had become about getting comments and garnering praise instead of about telling how He works in my heart and my life. It's such a difficult balance to maintain. And I have no answers on how to keep oneself grounded except to continually have reminders that I am nothing without Him.


So good, Jeanne. I think more of us are ensnared by the media-trap than we'd like to admit...and it's such a hamster wheel. Thanks for helping us look at it more closely. Bless you.

Jeanne Damoff

Sweet Mel, it is a constant battle, isn't it? But He knows your heart. Love you. (See you in a couple of days!)

Jenn, I think you're right that it's a reminder we need continually (or at least I do) -- to present our bodies as living sacrifices each new day. I admire you for taking a year off. It's good (and freeing) to realize that God gets the job done with or without my "brilliance" thrown into the mix. Being part of this chorus of praise is His gift to us, not ours to Him.

Thanks, beautiful Tonia. You inspire and mentor me in balance and priorities.

Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Wise words, Jeanne. These are traps that all of us stumble into. I've tried to stay balanced by using social media to either give glory to God or be an encouragement to others. The day y'all see me writing/tweeting/status-updating more about me than the Lord or others, I give you permission to scold me.

Kathy Robbins

I think that you have a great system: if you are envious or antsy, you have gotten off track. Mental note to self: record that, adopt it. It is great advice.
Loved the story. Great modern parable. This is my first visit. Found you at the High Calling.

Carol Garborg

Great article. This is a topic I've turned around in my mind often. In business and ministry, we promote the messenger, ourselves, in order to get the message out. When it becomes more about me than the message, I sense a check inside me. It's funny too how God swings open doors for me that come from completely "unconnected" sources, as if to remind me that He doesn't rely on my promotional efforts and I am dependent on Him.

Jeanne Damoff

Dear Patricia, your heart shines in your online presence. No scolding necessary. Love you, friend.

Thanks, Kathy. And welcome! We're big fans of the High Calling around here.

Hi, Carol. Always a treat to cross paths with you. :) I love what you said about God opening doors we never knocked on. This seems to be the way most opportunities come in my life, and I prefer it, but I know we're not supposed to sit around and do nothing, just waiting for everything to drop in our laps. There's a balance, and I truly want to find it. Thanks for your input, friend.

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