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November 16, 2011


This is good. I used to write something scripture based every Sunday for a bit. I believe it is a way to meditate on scripture. Thanks Glynn...

Maureen E. Doallas

The poem you've highlighted is lovely, and I like its format, the spacing and lack of punctuation being integral to effect but especially meaning. How it culminates in that joyful last stanza.

I'll have to add this book to my list. Thank you for bringing it to attention.

nance marie

i like this :-)


I was hoping you would include your poem that you wrote while at Laity Lodge. =)
Cairn's excercise made me think of it as the artist's version of using lectio divina to meditate and dwell with scripture... thank you for pointing me to Martin's work.

Jeanne Damoff

I've loved that verse for years, and I love the poem, too. The very first reading lifted my spirit into worship. This may be due in part to the fact that God has spent the past fifteen years teaching me to find beauty in disappointment and to recognize "what was hiding" & "what was on its way the affirmation of blessing." Oh, how that speaks to deep places in my soul! And then the prayer, let the beauty -- the truest beauty -- grow in the work of our hands. Now that's glorious.

What a lovely gift this evening. Thanks so much, Glynn.


Just put this book on my Christmas list. Thank you.

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