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April 12, 2012



Consider the platypus, you dour, and smirk.


The walrus has spoken.


To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks.
(Winnie the Pooh said that!)

Jeanne Damoff

"I love Winnie the Pooh," the walrus said, while considering the platypus and smirking.

(I really do love Winnie the Pooh!)

Marcia Stutes

I'm a little late for the "official" Phrase-a-Palooza, but in the spirit of the holiday I will contribute my latest favorite phrase which is found in a song I'm teaching my kindergarteners:

The caboose came loose.

None of us can help but giggle and grin when we sing that line.
We've even added a bit of "caboose-shaking" choreography. :)

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