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May 17, 2012



Miss Jeanne, this is a good review. I'm so glad for your honesty. And my take-away from this piece is "If we don't meet hurting people where they live, how will they find their way Home?" -- because we have to remember that in all of life, not just writing, aye?


Miz Melly

I'm just starting this book and am gripped already. Lynda's writing is really refreshing. The characters are well rounded and real. I'm very excited.
Thanks for the review. I hope Lynda's book gets a wide readership and those who might normally shy away from literature out of their comfort zone might take a chance on some good old-fashioned story telling.

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks, Darlene. And, yes, your take-away is a good reminder for all of life. I judge people far too quickly, writing them off without ever entering their stories to discover how they landed where they are. Lynda's book helped me see through the eyes of characters who are nothing like me and yet, like me, are broken bearers of God's image, searching for hope in an often hostile world. I need that wider perspective.

So glad you're reading it, Melly! And I agree, the story grips and the characters come to life. Thanks for adding your recommendation! xo

Lynda Meyers

Darlene - It is my goal to live with purpose to that end... To meet people where they're at. This book is currently being read aloud to a classroom of behaviorally challenged middle school kids and they are being deeply impacted - the subject matter is sparking difficult but oh-so necessary conversations. I'm honored by this. It is enough.

Mel - I'm so excited to know you're reading it! I value and respect your opinions and can't wait to hear your thoughts at the end!

Many thanks Jeanne, for such a balanced and honest review, and for the courage to speak out and speak up for books (and authors) that sometimes ride the ragged edge :)

Much love,
and even more grace.

...May we all, always fly free...

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