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August 02, 2012



My heart has been just aching lately over all the noise - and are young people really leaving the church and are we doing something wrong? I so appreciate your wise, quiet words Jeanne. I've been writing for an organization - Freedom Youth Project - that is working to provide homes and help for the victims of human trafficking. The stories break my heart - the unbelievable evil. I am so thankful for what FYP and Arts Aftercare are doing.

Sherrey Meyer

My heart cries for all the noise to stop -- from whatever source it comes and for whatever reason! You have spoken my feelings so beautifully here. Thanks for sharing Psalm 96, a masterpiece itself.

Sandra Heska King

Oh, Jeanne, I so hear you on wanting to shut it all off and run. Thank you for pointing me to this group. And the background music? So chill bumpy. Our worship leader just last week posted a video of this group doing this song in their studio. It was the first time I'd ever heard it. And now I'll never hear it the same again.

Quietly using art to bring healing. That's what I want to do. I'm heading over to Arts Aftercare now.

Jeanne Damoff

Thanks so much, Linda, Sherrey, and Sandra! And please do check out Arts Aftercare and ask the Lord if He would have you be involved in any way. It's such a beautiful work. And I agree about the song, Sandra. Perfect soundtrack for this story, isn't it?

Love, Jeanne


Your words spoke what I have been feeling @ some of the noise...prayed for the girls as I watched the how AfterCare is using art to heal...thank you, Jeanne

Diana Trautwein

Thank you, Jeanne.

Connie@raise your eyes

Love that GOD is raising up wonderful organizations like this to fight this evil...


Yes and amen!!!

Deborah Carr

Although, I suspect you are speaking of things taking place in the US, I, too (here in Canada) grow weary of the voices of accusation and judgement that so often fill the air.

I like what Henri Nouwen says about words and silence: "Sometimes it seems that our many words are more an expression of our doubt than of our faith. It is as if we are not sure that God's spirit can touch the hearts of people: we have to help him out, and with our many words, convince others of his power."

Surely our faith is best shared without shouting: perhaps through a moving video, a soft voice, a song of beauty, and a project rooted in a heart of love.

I'm delighted this pilot project is bearing fruit.

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