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    GREGORY WOLFE in Christianity Today, March 2008


  • The Master's Artist is a group blog for writers united by the blood of Christ and a love for language. We come from different backgrounds, have different theological outlooks, and are interested in a wide variety of genres and artforms. The opinions expressed belong to their authors alone -- and you're welcome to share yours.

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August 20, 2012


Linda Gilmore

I'm sorry to see The Master's Artist reach the end of its road, but I understand. This community was one of the first places I found talking about faith and art and I'll miss it. It's been a challenge and a blessing (and sometimes both at the same time) for me. May God continue to bless you, Jeanne, and all the others as you serve him with your art!

Diana Trautwein

I'm sorry to see this ole bus retire - but you know, I never could figure out how to subscribe to this one. I'd hop over here from your place or Glynn's, but didn't find an email subscription box. Probably just didn't know where to look. Thankfully, you will all continue writing somewhere, so I'll be seein' you.

Donna J. Shepherd

It has been a privilege and joy to blog as one of the Master's Artists with all of you. I, too, will miss the blog, and hope to stay in touch with everyone. I pray God continues to bless each of you in more ways and more abundantly than you could ever imagine.


Jeanne! I know I am a person terribly resistant to change but this makes me so sad. Of course you are still here, I know, I know. But I shall miss this old bus.


As a late rider who hopped on board, I can say I enjoyed the ride all the way to the barn, even when it looked like the barn was indeed the destination.

Thanks, Jeanne, for the fine busdriver you are.

Mary DeMuth

As one of the bus riders/writers, I'm sad to see the old girl retire, but totally understand too.


Eight years? You all have been doing this for eight years? I'm a newbie reader then since I started following you and Glynn and Billy C. (didn't he write here for a spell?) over here only a couple of years ago. Thank you, and all the others, for shining His light through your art, your words, your love.


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